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Your vision and the health of your eyes depend on a healthy ocular (eye) surface. In turn, a healthy ocular surface depends on sufficient moisture and lubrication. Unfortunately, many people have chronically insufficient moisture and lubrication, a condition most know as “dry eye.”

What is “dry eye”?

Dry eye is characterized by dryness, irritation, burning, itchiness, stickiness and feeling like there is a foreign body in your eye. These symptoms — among the most common complaints in eyecare — can damage your eyes, be a constant source of discomfort and diminish your quality of life. Dry eye also makes you more sensitive to your environment. For example, wind, poor air quality, low humidity, air conditioning and heating can cause discomfort... and impair your ability to see.

What causes dry eye?

This condition can have many causes. Primarily, lack of sufficient moisture and lubrication will be the result of either not enough tears, poor-quality tears or poor distribution of tears over the ocular surface. These can be caused by disease, medications, infection, age, injury to the tear-producing glands, autoimmune disorders, allergies, problems of the facial nerves and more.

Determining the nature of your dry eyes.

At Precision EyeCare Centers, our optometrists use leading-edge and traditional methods to determine why you’re experiencing dry-eye symptoms. We examine the ocular surface for dry spots and damage to identify problem areas. We also measure the quantity and quality of tears and evaluate eyelid position and function for problems with tear distribution.

We help you get the relief you need.

Most people can get welcome relief with artificial tears, which supplement tear volume. Others are helped by tear lubricants, which enhance the quality of your tears. We may also prescribe a medication to help your body produce more tears. Or you may be a candidate for punctal plugs, which keep tears in the eye for longer durations.

Don’t suffer with dry eye. And don’t let this chronic condition damage your eyesight. Get an accurate diagnosis and the advanced, experienced care you need. Call Precision EyeCare Centers today at 618-662-8468 (Flora, IL) or 618-842-6516 (Fairfield, IL). Or you can use our online Request an Appointment form.